Loving them
as they teach us

Meraky is much more than a series of products dedicated to our four-legged friends, it is a promise of care and love towards cats and dogs.

Meraky products are specially designed to respect the animal's health and meet all its special needs. They are pharmaceutical preparations to take care of the well-being of cats and dogs, as advised by vets.

Pet Meraky Gel

Moisturizing ophthalmic gel for cats and dogs.

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Pet Eye Wipes

20 sterile disposable ophthalmic wipes

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Pet Hydra Drops

Moisturizing eye drops

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Eyes and heart for animal care

Meraky combines the love for animals with more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, in particular, in the treatment of pathologies related to the visual apparatus.

The result is a range of products made in Italy, dedicated to the care of the eye of cats and dogs, guided by the advice of clinics and specialized veterinarians.

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